Taiwan Yacht Industry Association (TYIA) was established in 1983 with the goal of raising global recognition of Taiwan-built luxury motor yachts and sailboats.  Since its founding, TYIA, on one hand, communicates closely with government Sectors to solve obstacles to development; on the other hand, it is closely monitoring the interests and developments of the international market as well as helping Taiwan’s yacht industry expend its overseas markets.

Through years of effort, TYIA has introduced the most advanced designs, building materials and technologies to the local industry.  In addition, to enhance the global compete- tiveness of Taiwan’s yacht industry, TYIA also trained and introduced yacht construction specialists to the member companies.  As the result, Taiwan-built quality yachts have won the praises of the world’s yachting elite, and TYIA has successfully led Taiwan to its current position as the world’s sixth largest yacht manufacturing nation.

Today, TYIA’s membership comprises 39 yacht builders and 42 yacht related equipment/material suppliers.  By integrating members’ resources and strengths, TYIA will continue serve to benefit the entire industry and all its members.

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